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Authored Books

1. Hagi Kenaan and Yaron Senderowicz, Time: Nine Philosophical Dialogues, Resling Publishing, 2022. LINK

2. Hagi Kenaan, Photography and Its Shadow, Stanford University Press, 2020.

3. Hagi Kenaan, The Ethics of Visuality: Emmanuel Levinas and the Contemporary Gaze, I.B. Tauris, London and New-York, 2013. LINK

4.Hagi Kenaan, Visage(s): Une autre éthique du regard après Levinas, Éditions de l'éclat, Paris, 2012. LINK

5. Hagi Kenaan, The Present Personal: Philosophy and the Hidden Face of Language, Columbia University Press, New York, 2005. LINK

6. A Children’s Book: Hagi Kenaan, , One Day… Philosophy,  Modan Publishing House,

Tel Aviv, 2000 [in Hebrew].


Edited Books


Kenaan and I. Ferber (eds.) Philosophy's Moods: The Affective Grounds of Thinking, "Contributions to
Phenomenology" Series, Springer Publishing. 2011.


Selected Articles & Essays

Hagi Kenaan, "Letter on the Awaking of the Stone", Granta Hebrew, 2022.

Hagi Kenaan and Yaron Senderowicz, "Making Sense with Death: A Response to Heidegger", Angelaki: Journal of the Theoretical Humanities, 2022

Hagi Kenaan, "Celan and Heidegger at the Mountain of Death: Listening to Hope", Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology, 2021

H. Kenaan, “Photography’s Imagination: The Visible and the Invisible,” Photography and the Imagination, eds. A. Reich-Morris and M. Olin, Routledge 2019. pp. 69-79.


H. Kenaan, "Changing Moods" in Moods: Aesthetics, psychology, philosophy, eds. B. Breidenbach and T. Docherty, Routledge (Interdisciplinary Perspectives, New Theories Series), 2019. pp. 22-35.


H. Kenaan and L. Bilsky, “Tselem, Tsilum, Tsalmavet” preface to translation of George-Didi Huberman’s Images in Spite of All. Trans. M. Sapir, Hakibbutz Hameuchad Publishing House, Tel Aviv, 2019 [in Hebrew]. pp.11-22.


H. Kenaan, “Meyer Schapiro’s Restitutions,” Tel Aviver Jahrbuch für deutsche Geschichte 46, 2018. pp. 92-107


H. Kenaan, “Celan and Heidegger: Hope in the Mountain of Death”, Dappiim:Research in Literature, 2017, pp. 39-55.  [in Hebrew]


H. Kenaan, “The Selfie and the Face” in Exploring the Selfie: Historical, Analytical and Theoretical Approaches to Digital Self-Photography, ed. J. Ruchats and S. Wirth, Routledge,  2017. pp. 113-131.

H. Kenaan, “Streetography: On Visual Resistance”, Journal of Aesthetics and Phenomenology Vol.3, No. 2, Routledge, Winter 2016. pp. 147-166.


H. Kenaan, “Husserl and Levinas: The Ethical Structure of a Philosophical Debt”, The European Legacy, Routledge, vol. 21, Issue 5-6, January 2016. pp. 481-493.


H. Kenaan, “Photography and Its Shadow”, Critical Inquiry, Vol. 41, issue 3, Chicago University Press, Spring 2015. pp. 541-572.


H. Kenaan, “Western Theory and Chinese Art: The Question of Hospitality”, Theoretical Studies in Literature and Art, Vol. 35, no.1, 2015, pp.7-16.


H. Kenaan, “Touching Sculpture”  in Sculpture and Touch, ed. P. Dent, Ashgate Publishing, London, 2014. pp. 45-59.


H. Kenaan, “A Picture’s Gesture: Regarding Jeff Wall’s Gestus”, Paragrana, Volume 23, Issue 1, De Gruyter, 2014. pp. 56-65.


H. Kenaan, “Time Comes to Art from the Future” in The Next Thing: Art in the 21st Century, ed. P. Baler, Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2013. pp.11-19.

H. Kenaan, S. Rottem, D. Barnea “Heidegger in Jerusalem : An Unknown Chapter in the Formation of a Local Philosophy“, Theory and Criticism, Vol. 40, 2012. , pp. 35-67. [In Hebrew].

H. Kenaan, “Human Cities and the Space of Conflict”, Civil Society Reclaims Public Space, eds. R. Houlstan-Hasaerts, B. Tominc, The Human Cities Network, Brussels, 2012. pp. 37-41.


H. Kenaan, “Le langage comme proximité”, revue Europe ( Centre National du Livre, Paris), Autumn 2011, pp.  111-117.

H. Kenaan, "Facing Images: After Levinas", Angelaki: Journal of the Theoretical Humanities, Vol. 16, number 1, Routledge, 2011, pp. 143-161.

H. Kenaan and I. Ferber, “Moods and Philosophy” in H. Kenaan and I. Ferber (eds.) Philosophy's Moods: The Affective Grounds of Thinking, Springer Publishing, 2011, pp.1-10.

H. Kenaan, “Street Optics,” The Journal of Art Theory and Practice, Vol. 10, 2011. pp. 36-46.

H. Kenaan, "Karsten Harries's Art Matters: Critical Commentary on Heidegger's OWA",, Sep. 2011.


H. Kenaan, “The Image’s Address: Beyond the Frontal Gaze”, Theory and Criticism, Vol. 37, Autumn 2010, pp. 210-222. [in Hebrew]


H. Kenaan, "What Makes an Image Singular Plural: Questions to Jean-Luc Nancy" Journal of Visual Culture, April 2010. pp. 63-76.


H. Kenaan and Vered Lev Kenaan, "A Pleasant Conversation on the Madness of Love"  in new translation to Plato's Phaedrus. Trans. Margalit Finkelberg, Xargol Books, 2009, pp. 119-139. [in Hebrew]


H. Kenaan, "Lost and Found in Language: Two Perspectives on Subjectivity," in Despite Oneself: Subjectivity and its Secret in Kierkegaard and Levinas, Turnshare Publishers: The Philosophical Series, (London), 2008. p. 31-46.  


H. Kenaan, "Levinas on Listening," Listening: Journal of Religion and Culture, Ann Arbor, Michigan,  2008. pp. 82-96.


H. Kenaan, "The Ground's Hidden Surface" in Wolkenkuckucksheim: International Journal of Architectural Theory, vol. 12, no. 1, 2007,


H. Kenaan, "Tracing Shadows: Reflections on the Origins of Painting" in Pictorial Languages and Their Meanings, Liber Amicorum in Honor of Nurith Kenaan-Kedar,  eds. C. Versar and G. Fishof, (Tel Aviv University, Yolanda and David Katz Faculty of the Arts, 2006), pp. 17-29.

H. Kenaan, "The Plot of the Saying",  Études phénoménologiques, Special Issue: Levinas et la phenomenologie,, Vol. XXII, No. 43-44, (Ousia 2006),  pp. 75-93.


H. Kenaan, “The Transparent Prison”, The Blind-Spot: Philosophical and Psychoanalytic Perspectives, eds. S. Biderman and R. Lazar, Hakibbutz Hameuchad Publishing House, Tel Aviv, 2005, pp. 152-175. [in Hebrew]


H. Kenaan, “What Philosophy Owes A Work of Art: Rethinking the Debate between Heidegger and Schapiro,” Symposium: Canadian Journal of Continental Philosophy, No.3, Vol. 8, 2004, pp. 587-606.

H. Kenaan, "What's between the Eye and the Mind?" Introduction to new translation of Merleau-Ponty's Eye and Mind. Trans. E. Dorfman, Ed. H. Kenaan. Resling Publishing, 2004, pp. 7-19 [in Hebrew].


H. Kenaan and Vered Lev Kenaan, "Eros in Plato's Symposium" in new translation to Plato's Symposium. Trans. Margalit Finkelberg, Xargol Books, 2003, pp. 126-144 [in Hebrew].

H. Kenaan, “Language, Philosophy and the Risk of Failure: Rereading the Debate between Searle and Derrida,” Continental Philosophy Review, 2002, 35, no. 2,  pp. 117-133.


H. Kenaan, “The ‘Unusual Character’ of Holbein’s Ambassadors,” Artibus et Historiae, 23, no.46,

Summer 2002, pp.61-75.

H. Kenaan, “Kierkegaard and the Problem of Silence,” The Language of Silence, ed. S. Jaekel, University of Turku Press, 2001, pp. 249-258.

H. Kenaan, “The Philosopher and the Window,” Descartes: Reception and Disenchantment, eds., Y. Sanderowitz and M. Dascal, Tel-Aviv University Publishing Project, 2000, pp. 195-207.

H. Kenaan, On the Language of Taste in Kant's Critique of Judgment," The Craft of Judgment, edited by E. Friedlander and Y. Senderowicz, Tel Aviv University Publishing Project, 1999, pp. 85-97. [in Hebrew]

H. Kenaan, “Subject to Error: Rethinking Husserl’s Phenomenology of Misperception,” International Journal of Philosophical Studies, V.7, Routledge, 1999, pp. 55-67.

Selected Texts on Artists and Exhibitions

ח. כנען, ״על הצמצום: חגי כנען בשיחה עם יאן טיכי ואילנית קונופני״, ערב רב: אמנות. תרבות. חברה, דצמבר 2022.

H. Kenaan, "Netta Laufer: The Animal and the Territory", Crossline, Netta Laufer at the Inga Gallery of Contemporary Art, October 2022

H. Kenaan, "28 Questions and Propositions on the Art of Jennifer Abessira", My Bauhaus is Better than Yours, Jennifer Abessira at Beit Hanna, Tel Aviv, summer 2022. 

H. Kenaan, "Preface" to Barbara Probst, Matters of Uncertainty, Thoughts on Photography and the World Behind It, 1997-2020, Edgewise Press, 2021


H. Kenaan, Inbar Horkany, "Your Golden Hair, Inbar", Kiai, Inbar Horkany at the Inga Gallery of Contemporary Art, February 2021

H. Kenaan, “Liat Elbling: The Room of the Daughter and the Son,” Good As Real (Miffal Happais), 2018.


H. Kenaan, “Adi Sened: Come over Boxies – A Visual Essay,” Canaanite Pop, Adi Sened Works 1999-2015. ed. M. Yackobson, Uri and Rami Neoshtan Mueseum, 2015.

H. Kenaan, “Uri Gershuni: The Melancholy of Mr. Pegman,”  The Blue Hour, Green Box, 2014

H. Kenaan, “Jeff Wall: The Subject in Question”, Jeff Wall: Visibility, Tel-Aviv Museum of Art,  2013.

ח. כנען, ״המטא-אופטיקה של יהושע בורקובסקי״, ערב רב: אמנות. תרבות. חברה, ינואר 2013

H. Kenaan, “Joshua Borkovsky: Painting as a Meta-Optics”, Joshua Borkovsky’s Works 1986-2012, ed. M. Ninio, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 2012


H. Kenaan, “Street Art and the Sovereign’s Imagination,” in Street Art in Israel,  Tel Aviv Museum of Art, August, 2011.


H. Kenaan "Facing Klone: The Address of a Voice in Tel-Aviv's Street Art" Maarav: Art and Culture Online Journal, 2009.


H.Kenaan “Where Are the Invisible Trains Heading?” in A Viewer’s Version: The Works of Inga Fonar Cocus, Museum of Art Ein Harod, 2009

ח. כנען, ״נחום טבת: להחזיק פני שטח דקים״, מכונת קריאה, 2007


H. Kenaan, "An Infinitely Thin and Transparent Surface: The Threshold of the Image", Nahum Tevet Works 1994-2006, ed. S. Shapira, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 2007, pp. 201-211. 


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